Think of
a Woman

Who comes to mind?
More importantly, who doesn’t?
Ever notice the way women are kind of... put in a box? Pretty. Feminine. Maternal. Emotional. But what happens if you don’t fit into that teeny, tiny box? It's time to make room for more kinds of women.Let’s rethink what we think about
when we think of a “woman.”

When you think of a woman, you’re likely biased by centuries of societal programming telling us there’s a “right way” to be one.

When it comes to bias, we all have it. Our early experiences shape how we see the world

but sometimes our lens is not wide enough.

– Gail Tolstoi-Miller,
Unconscious Bias Expert

The Billie
Brain Scan

A look at our mental shortcuts and the bias we don’t even realize exists.

Let's take a peek...